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For our pest control consultants,  we use professional and meticulous cleaning contractors. We can deal with Contract Cleaning for the Commercial and Industrials sectors, etc. We strive to cover every aspect of cleaning to meet individual needs.

Bangkok Property Brokers provides a one stop choice for your cleaning and Pest Control needs.
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Pest Control Solutions FAQ

Do the chemicals you use have an odor?
Another great benefit of low toxicity chemicals is virtually odorless pest control.

How long do I have to leave the premises?
Because we use low toxicity chemicals, you can usually stay home during the treatment. Flea and tick treatments require you to leave for 2-3 hours. Roaches, ants, mice, termites, andjust about everything else can be taken care of while you are at home.

My problem is really bad, can you help?
Since we started providing pest control services in Bangkok, we have not had one incident where we could not solve the problems with the homeowners' cooperation.

What about pets and children?
Children should leave during the treatment andmay return after completion. We ask that during treatments, you either put your pets in a room that is not being treated or remove them from the building until the materials we have used are dry, depending on the treatment. Fish tanks may need to be covered.

When is it time to call your Pest Management Professional?
If you see roaches, centipedes, any rodent ortermite activity or damage, it is time to schedule a professional toperform a thorough inspection.

Do you provide a green Pest Management Program?
We can provide specialists for  a range of effective environmentally sound programs. These programs include Termite Colony Elimination, Eco Guard program for general pests, and the HomeGuard Borate Inspection and Treatment Program for termites.

Pre-Construction Termite Applications

Borate Wood Preservation

The Borate wood treatment service is available to add that additional amount of customer satisfaction and peace of mind...

Pest Control Insulation

Through our partners, Bangkok Property Brokers is proud to provide our Pest Control Insulation program....

Weed Control

Additionally, we offer weed and general pest control services for builders and contractors to keep those sub-divisions, housing tracts and custom home sites looking good.

Home Sealing

It's known that 90% of pests that inhabit the interior of your home originate from the exterior....

Choosing a pest control contractor

Sometimes in dealing with pests you will decide to use a private pest control contractor. This page gives useful guidance on hiring a pest control expert in Bangkok.

Hiring a private company

If you have tried all available options to remove the pests in your property but are still suffering you may wish to contact a private pest control company.

Bangkok Property Brokers provide a range of  advanced Pest Control treatments and guaranteed satisfaction. Click here to fill in a short form and contact us today !

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