Some of our partners Thai/ English real-estate legal services & agreements
in association with Bangkok Property Brokers

  • Marriage, prenuptial and divorce agreeement drafting service   
  • Last Will and Testament (Inheritance) drafting service   
  • Lease agreements for land and/ or house in Thailand   
  • Legal advice online and contract review   
  • Power of Attorney   
  • Intellectual property protection - online service
  • Condominium conveyancing legal service   
  • Business documents and service

Bangkok Property Brokers -
Conveyancing - The Thai conveyancing process can be extremely frustrating for you, especially if you're unsure what should be happening and when. Buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience. Our expertise ensures that your move is undertaken with the minimum of fuss. We offer a personal service designed to minimise the worries associated with moving house.

In the past year, Thailand has introduced new regulations concerning the structure of property holding companies, and clients would be well advised to consult with experienced counsel before proceeding to make investment commitments.

So - why not skip a time-consuming and difficult quest in Thailand to find the lawyer who is proficient in Thai and English and the one with specific expertise concerning foreigners. The developer will almost certainly have a standard contract format. The format may vary but always have a legal professional go over the deed and title and anything else in the contract regardless of what the developer shows you.

Here at Bangkok Property Brokers  we work alongside some of Bangkok's most prestigious law firms,  well-experienced in property law and conveyance procedures, making buying a home in a foreign country worry-free. Your mind will be at ease when using one of our highly recommended lawyers to do your conveyancing work for you. You will never feel left in the dark as all our lawyers speak good English cancelling out the language barrier problem you will encounter with other firms keeping you informed of even the very smallest details.
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Through our partners, Bangkok Property Brokers offers :

  • Condominium lease agreement drafting service
  • Legal services for purchasers and developers
  • Sale and Purchase agreements for Condos
  • Due diligence at the Land Department
  • Condominium unit transfer legal service for Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, and other areas upon request.